How To Fix A Sinking Office Chair

How To Fix A Sinking Office Chair

If you spend much time at your desk, you need a comfortable chair. But after a while, your chair may start to sink, which can be uncomfortable and make it hard to sit at the right height.

But don’t worry, fixing a sinking office chair isn’t hard, and you can do it yourself.

How to fix an office chair that sinks?

Step 1: Figure out what’s wrong

Before you try to fix it, you need to figure out what’s wrong. There could be one of two common reasons:

  1. The gas cylinder might be leaking. The gas cylinder is what controls the height. If it’s leaking, as you sit, it will slowly sink.
  2. The mechanism that controls the office chair’s height may be broken. Over time, the mechanism that controls the height may have become worn or broken, causing it to sink.

Once you know what the problem is, you can start working on fixing it.

Step 2: Put the gas cylinder back on.

You must get a new one if the problem is the gas cylinder. This is how:

  1. Flip your office chair over so you can get to the gas cylinder.
  2. Use a pipe wrench or pliers to remove the clip holding the cylinder.
  3. Pull the cylinder out of the base slowly and carefully.
  4. Replace the old cylinder with a new one, ensuring it’s the right size and model.
  5. Put the clip back on, and flip it back over.

Step 3: Fix the way it works

If the problem is with the mechanism, you will need to fix it or get a new one. This is how:

  1. Flip your chair over so you can get to the mechanism.
  2. Take out the screws that hold the mechanism in place with a screwdriver.
  3. Take the chair’s mechanism off with care.
  4. Check the mechanism for any damage or signs of wear. You’ll have to get a new one if worn or broken.
  5. If the mechanism is in good shape, you might be able to fix it by tightening any screws that are loose or replacing any parts that are worn out.
  6. Once the mechanism has been fixed or replaced, use the screws to put it back on the chair.
  7. Turn your office chair back over and ensure it doesn’t sink anymore.


Fixing a sinking office chair is a relatively easy job you can do independently. You can get it back to its original height and level of comfort by figuring out what’s wrong, replacing the gas cylinder, or fixing the mechanism.

You can avoid discomfort and distractions with some work, giving you a more comfortable and productive workplace.

How come office chairs sink?

If you spend much time at your desk, you need a comfortable chair. But after a while, you may notice that it starts to sink, which can be uncomfortable and make it hard to sit at the right height.

The simple answer is that the lift has stopped working. The part that connects the base to the seat and lets you move the chair up and down is called the cylinder.

When you pull the lever, the nitrogen gas inside the cylinder moves up and down. But after prolonged use, the seal around the nitrogen gas can break down, letting the gas leak out and making your office chair sink lower to the ground.

The good news is that fixing is easy and cheap to do. All you need is a can of compressed air, which you can find at most office supply or hardware stores.

Point the compressed air nozzle at the valve on your office chair cylinder and give it a few blasts. This will let more nitrogen gas into the cylinder, raising it back to its original height and putting your chair back where it was.

In conclusion, don’t worry if your chair starts to sink. A can of compressed air is all you need to fix the problem quickly and cheaply. By doing these simple things, you can make sure it stays comfortable and supportive, so you can stay focused on your work and avoid distractions.

How to Fix a Sinking Office Chair: Different Techniques

Are you sick of how your office chair slowly lowers as you work? There are a few ways to fix this problem, and we’ve listed some of the best ones below.

Use the PVC Pipe Method

It is a popular method for fixing. Here’s what you do:

  • Check out the chair’s cylinder: Hold a ruler across the cylinder horizontally to find out how big it is when it is at the right height.
  • Buy the pipe made of PVC: Buy a piece that is at least 2 inches long and slightly bigger in diameter than the cylinder.
  • Divide it into two equal pieces: Cut the pipe into four equal pieces with a handsaw and smooth the edges.
  • Put together two parts: Using PVC cement, combine two sections at a 90-degree angle. Give this at least 24 hours to dry.
  • Cut a slit down the length: Make a hole big enough for the chair’s gas lift to fit through (about 3-4 inches long).
  • Move the PVC pipe: Ensure it is flush with the bottom so it doesn’t get in the way when you sit down.
  • Connect the pipe to the seat’s cylinder: To keep the gas lift from sinking, screw it in place or use PVC cement.

Use the Hose Clamp Method

This method is another easy and familiar way. Here’s what you do:

  • To remove the plastic skirt of the cylinder, slide the tube down or up until you can see the metal cylinder underneath.
  • Please set it to the height you want: Make sure the chair is the same height as your knees when standing.
  • Use a hose clamp to wrap the cylinder. Put them around the metal cylinder, but don’t tighten them yet.
  • Add a layer of rubber or cloth between the metal cylinder and the hose clamp to make a better seal and stop any gas from leaking.
  • As much as possible, tighten the clamp. Once you’ve added the layer of rubber or cloth, tighten the clamp as much as possible.
  • Look at the seat: Sit down and lean back. If it goes down, you may need to add another layer of rubber or cloth or try a different fix.

Call a Professional

If you don’t feel comfortable fixing it yourself or if the methods above don’t work, it’s time to call a professional. However, If it is still covered by a warranty, the company that made it will probably be happy to help you fix it.

If not, look for a local store that sells office supplies or fixes furniture that can help you. If you’re tired of dealing with sinking office chairs, try one of these solutions to fix the problem and have a relaxing and productive day at work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you having trouble with your desk chair sinking? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help you figure out how to fix the problem.

Why does my chair keep sinking when I play games?

If your gaming chair keeps sinking, it could be because it wasn’t put together right, it’s too heavy, or the springs are broken.

How do I fix office chairs with the gas cylinder?

Use a C-clamp or a zip tie to keep a gas cylinder in place. You can also add extra support by wrapping a piece of furniture padding around the cylinder.

What can I do to fix a chair with air-filled tires?

If it isn’t working right, ensure the air valve is open and use a hand pump to fill it up. If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace the air valve or the whole pneumatic mechanism.

How do I fix the back of my office chair?

Add a lumbar pillow if the back support is adjustable. If the back support is still not working right, you might want to get a new one.

Why does my office chair lean forward?

Adjust the backrest to level with the seat if it is leaning forward. The backrest and the seat should be in a straight line.

How do clamps for hoses work?

With the help of a threaded screw, it squeezes a hose between two banded surfaces, making a tight seal to stop leaks and keep it in place.

How do I fix a chair that won’t stay up in my office?

Most likely, a broken gas cylinder is a reason. Buy a replacement kit and change the cylinder as a whole.

Are all office chair cylinders and bases the same?

The standard size is two inches, and most bases are the same. There may be some exceptions, though. If you’re not sure, talk to a professional.

Can a problem with a chair’s hydraulics be fixed?

Often, a trained technician can fix hydraulics. But, depending on how bad the problem is, the whole hydraulic system may need to be replaced.

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