The Top 10 Best Vibration Plates to Help You Lose Weight

    Best Vibration Plates to Help You Lose Weight

    The best vibration plates should be reliable for all ages & there are many reasons why they can benefit your health. So, if you’ve been looking for vibration plate reviews, this unbiased review of 10 vibration machines is all you need to plan your next purchase.

    What is a Vibration Plate?

    These machines use vibrations to improve muscle toning. Better bone density and improved coordination are also named among their benefits. But most importantly, they offer solutions for at-home personal whole-body vibration workouts.

    While they can be different in design, they operate via similar standards. Typical vibration stimulation sessions run between 10 and 20 minutes. They must be performed at least a few times weekly for a few months to see results. Variating workouts, speed, and time per session are required to maintain a balanced fitness program right in the comfort of the home.

    Many of them can be used for years to come, especially those packed with features such as multiple speed adjustments or custom program creation options. Some also come with remote controls, making them easier to use.

    The Best Vibration Plates on Amazon in 2023

    1. LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine – Great for Better Posture & Comes with Lifetime Warranty

    LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine


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    LifePro Vibration Plate machine comes with multiple speed adjustments with increments from 0 to 99. From this perspective, it is one of the most adjustable designs in its class. Even more, it represents one of the solutions that those of all ages can use. Younger users can feel comfortable with higher speeds, while the elderly feel confident with slower speeds, as there are many to consider. Lower rates can also be considered for relaxation sessions.

    Recommended for decreased cortisol

    The slight vibration of the machine is also known for reducing the cortisol level. After a long day at work, this machine offers one of the best solutions for stress relief. It might not have any armbands, but it provides sufficient stimulation for relaxation.

    Activates legs

    While there are no armbands to count on, the manufacturer includes a few rubber bands for general-purpose exercises. These can keep things together in a squatted position with different resistance levels. They are used by women seeking to improve their legs’ toning.

    Suitable for better stability

    Since these loop bands are offered with different resistance levels, they have a progressive role in capacitating posture muscles and strengthening the lower body muscles. As a result, these resistance bands can be used for improved stability. They can be among the best solutions for better stability, even when using the machine 2-3 times per week. Squatting with resistance bands can also be a suitable method of improving posture control.


    • Made with multiple speed increments
    • LifePro Waver comes with a Lifetime warranty
    • Suitable for lower cortisol levels
    • Promotes better balance and posture
    • It can be used for arthritis


    • No included armbands

    Why do we like it

    With a selection of rubber bands to use on the lower body, it is a top solution for an improved posture at any age.

    2. Bluefin Fitness 4D Triple Motor Vibration Plate – Best Vibration Plate for Noiseless Exercise

    Bluefin Fitness 4D Triple Motor

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    Bluefin fitness vibration plate is Made to offer an alternative to gyms. This plate is recommended for those who want guided training. Without requiring users to look up various workouts, it comes with workouts seen via the official Android app. With a design that shows a premium profile, this is a top solution for those who value quality products.

    Best for Home Use

    The main benefit is that it allows users to train and get active at home. Traveling to the gym can take up to 2 hours in countries like the US. This is why many people have no time to exercise in the first place. So, it’s worth investing in the best vibration plate exercise machine that kick-starts the metabolism & helps you set up the home gym.

    Bluetooth integration

    Made with Bluetooth integration, this machine is ready to offer the best of the technology world. This is why it comes with over 100 training videos, which can be viewed in the official app. These videos show various exercises and routines to improve muscle strength and toning of the joints. Furthermore, 30 workout programs are included, and they can represent a new challenge every day for up to a month.

    Unique design

    The unique design is one of the most comfortable solutions when sitting on the entire surface, as there are no edges and lost contact surfaces on the top of the machine. But the elegant design is also made so that it fits all homes. This is a good tip for those who want to store it permanently in a room without having to hide it when guests are over.


    • 4d & Noiseless
    • Four resistance bands
    • Made with an elegant design
    • Offered 1000s of coaching videos


    • Slow customer support

    Why we like it

    This complex vibration plate offers guided training with 30 programs and 100s of body plate exercise videos.

    3. Hurtle Workout Plate – Best for Core ActivationHurtle Fitness personal vibration machine

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    Hurtle stands out with its valuable list of supported movements and exercises. Most of these can be found on similar machines, but the added bands offer users the possibility of working and engaging their core muscles better and faster.

    With various adjustability settings, it offers a solution for those who want to lose weight, tone their muscles, or even for those who want to relax.

    Improved body composition

    One of its main benefits comes with better body composition. Since there are lower fat and higher muscle definition, the body vibration machine can change the composition in time. It also offers other health benefits as a result. For example, it improves cardiovascular strength as the body fat percentage decreases.

    Better muscle stimulation

    Its 200W performance powers 10-speed settings. Users can vary workouts with a relaxing feel on the lower vibration speeds with muscle-stimulation speeds towards the highest speed settings. Muscle stimulation also depends on the position of the user. Hollow holds are perfect for those who want to engage their core more. Holding a squat position is also recommended for muscle stimulation in the lower body muscles, which are the largest in the human body.

    Full body workout vibration training

    The added bands allow users to consider various positions. They represent one of the most sustainable and compact solutions for long-term exercise variation. It also means that some of the vibrations can be transmitted to the arms, equating with better muscle toning in the forearms, biceps, triceps, and shoulders.


    • Powered by a 200W motor
    • Sustains ten vibration speeds
    • Includes a timer function
    • Integrated digital displays


    • Only has one set of armbands

    Why we like it

    Based on durable plastic, it supports most body vibration types for various exercises for the large upper & lower body muscles.

    4. ZELUS Body Vibration Plate – Best for Quiet Operation

    vibration plates reviews

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    With a smooth motor performance, the Zelus has quiet operation. It is suitable for those who plan to use it while watching TV. This machine can also be one of the best solutions for parents who want to get in shape but don’t want to wake their kids when using it early or late in the evening.

    Durable ABS plastic

    It is made from ABS plastic. This type of plastic is known to be one of the most sustainable solutions for consumer goods. ABS plastic makes the machine a durable product that supports weights of up to 265 lbs. This can make it one of the suitable products to use by all family members, regardless of their weight.

    Manual operation

    Offering a large selection of speed and time increments, the adjustability of this machine allows it to be considered for long-term use. A user-programmed mode is also available. All users can create their personalized workouts with this simple feature.


    • Made from ABS plastic
    • Supports weights of up to 265lbs
    • Made with detachable armbands
    • Available in 3 colors


    • It doesn’t include a remote control

    5. VT High Frequency Vibration Plate  – Best Vibration Plate for Lymphatic Drainage

    vibration plate for lymphatic drainage

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    Made with a 2-level design, it supports all poses and exercises. It even works well for those who want to do a few push-ups every workout since the grip allows plenty of stability. Include a rubberized top. The machine can support a vast number of exercises. For example, hollow holds can be maintained due to the exact 2-level grip, which allows the hands to act as an anchor and to maintain the position for longer.

    Another distinct characteristic of this machine is that it comes with an EVA rubberized anti-slip surface. Practically, the surface is not pure rubber. It includes EVA foam, which allows for cushioning and comfort. But how does this impact exercise performance? One of how it manages this is simply by allowing the users to sit on the machine longer.

    Elite Vibration

    It comes with different speed settings. It uses linear vibration, and it is ideal for better blood flow. Used regularly, it can be an aid in weight loss efforts. But to see results, even the manufacturer recommends using the machine multiple times per week. Those who want the best results will need to use it more than three times weekly.

    The significant part is that the workout sessions don’t need to belong. A 20-minute workout is already considered a long workout. This is why it can be one of the best options for improved workout performance under minimum investment.

    Better grip

    The design facilitates a better grip. This means that, unlike most other machines, it can even support push-ups. The classic push-up, combined with the benefits of vibrations, offers a different result in the definition of the arms and the back. This is why the grip provided by the machine is superior to other plates, which are not the safest due to their linear desk, which is mainly adapted for stepping.


    • Requires no assembly
    • Supports better grip
    • Sustains push-ups
    • Includes a digital display


    • No manual, instructions for safe use or exercise chart

    6. Rock Solid Wholesale Vibration Plate – Best Vibration Plate for Straps Variety

    best speed on vibration plate for weight loss

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    Shipped with a long list of accessories, it handles its role nearly as well as the best vibrations machines. Unlike many similar products that leave the user guessing which product is best, this platform already includes various guides on making the most of the exercises with vibration principles. Even those who have not yet seen the result with such machines can learn the basics in just a few workouts.

    Various straps

    The various straps included in the pack have different resistance levels. Progression principles can be applied for better muscle toning as a result. These straps can be used for upper & lower body and core workouts. One of the benefits of using the straps is that they can help engage core muscles. This leads to better core strength and, ultimately, to better posture.

    These straps are actually among the best when it comes to workout variation. One sure way of simply not working out is getting bored with the workouts.

    Suitable for stronger joints

    Another unique benefit is that it has a role in stronger joints. This is why it can be one of the most impressive solutions to overall strength, even when many would not expect it. Simply put, the extra tension of the straps has a role in joint health and mobility. This is why those fighting various joint conditions can consider it for stronger elbows, shoulders, and knees.

    Better core strength

    Another great advantage comes from the core activation exercises. Since the straps can hold this as well, the posture can be improved, in time, with multiple workouts per week. Those working at a desk or who want a more defined core can make the most of the exercises.


    • Suitable for core strength
    • Improves blood circulation
    • Recommended for stronger joints
    • Best 10-minute vibration platform workout machine


    • Not the strongest rubber surface

    Why we like it

    This vibration plate offers improved blood flow and better muscle toning.

    7. Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Machine – Best Vibration Plate for Weight Loss & Fat Burning

    Hurtle Standing Machine

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    Made with an upright design, Hurtle standing vibration platform is suitable for the entire family. Without taking up too much space, it offers one of the most reliable products for better muscle toning & relaxation. For many, it represents a sustainable solution, primarily as it features a digital display where users can track their calories and workout duration time.

    LED display

    With multiple digital LED displays, it is a highly recommended tool for overall usability. All calories can be tracked on it. This means that real-time performance monitoring is supported. Apart from the LED displays, users can also find the proper modes and programmable buttons on the central control panel. It is there to boost the performance of workouts.

    Promotes standing

    Since it has a good design, it helps with standing. It has been shown that merely standing can burn calories on its own. So, if used daily, this vibration plate can help burn fat & calories.

    Each workout session should offer enough time for the machine to show its benefits. In the beginning, the first results can come quickly. But in time, the workouts might need longer to sustain the visible results.

    Reduces cellulite

    Since it has 99-speed levels, it is suitable for cellulite reduction. Of course, it will not outwork a bad diet. However, combining vibrations withstanding offers one of the most sustainable solutions for fat loss. Light exercises can also be performed on the machine. For example, back kicks can be one exercise that mainly targets the lower body and engages the core.

    Since it can handle reduced cellulite, this vibration plate is also recommended for maintaining a healthy physique. Even a few weekly sessions on the machine can be sufficient for better health. With a lab-tested design and 2 LED displays, keeping an eye on essential workout details is easier. It is a shame that there are no options for the upper body, such as included straps. However, those who want extra attention to lower body cellulite can consider this machine for personal use. Even when only having time to work out in the comfort of the home.


    • Promotes standing
    • Recommended for weight loss
    • Lab-tested design
    • Includes 2 LED displays


    • It only targets the lower body

    Why we like it

    This upright vibration plate is one of the designs which can be used even while watching TV.

    8. Pinty 2000W Whole-Body Vibration Platform Exercise Machine – Best Vibration Platform for Weight Capacity

    Pinty 2000W Whole Body

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    The vertical vibration platform is one of the leading solutions in terms of a permanent design for home use. Unlike many others, it has a more stable platform. While this means it might not be as easy to move around. It still can fight excess body weight, so many users plan to get rid of it.

    Included calories counter

    The included calorie counter is one of the rare features users appreciate. With every workout, it displays the number of calories consumed on a digital display directly on the control panel. This means Pinty 2000W is one of the leading options for those seeking to track progress. Entire vibration workouts can be planned based on this, including calorie counters.

    99 or 180-speed levels

    The adjustability levels of this platform don’t have to suffer due to its extra features. Furthermore, they are in line with some of the best vibration platforms. 99 or 180 levels of adjustability can be considered for every workout. Moreover, users can create their vibration program according to the level of intensity they follow. Most importantly, due to their speed levels, this platform can be considered the best vibration platform for weight loss & toning goals.

    High weight capacity

    Since the design is quite robust, it can handle heavier users. This machine works for weights of up to 330 lbs. This makes it one of the most powerful designs in its class. It can also be used for light commercial purposes with such weight capacity. However, when used at home, it can be the platform both men and women use to lose weight and get in shape.


    • Supports weights of up to 330lbs
    • Includes a calorie counter
    • Made with 99 & 180-speed settings
    • Only 42” tall


    • Not suitable for upper body use

    Why we like it

    This robust design is mainly recommended for those explicitly seeking a design which can handle higher user weight.

    9. TODO Power Plate Vibrating Massager – Best for USB Connectivity

    TODO Vibration Platform

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    With integrated Bluetooth and USB connectivity, the TODO vibration power plate uses up-to-date technologies. Apart from the tech, it also comes with an appealing design. Many consider it among the solutions the easiest to match with modern homes.

    The advantages do not stop here. The oscillation-type vibration is suitable for a better workout. At the same time, the TODO vibration plate features 20-speed adjustments, mainly recommended for those who want to stay in shape.

    Bluetooth and USB integration

    Since it has wireless and USB connectivity, it is also ready to play music. Those long 20-minute workouts become easier to handle as a result. For many users, it is also an excellent opportunity to get up to date with learning or books. Audiobooks can be played while working out, and this way, users can care for their bodies and mind simultaneously. Furthermore, Bluetooth connectivity allows these plates to stream music directly from a smartphone.

    Smooth operation

    There’s an included remote control that users find in the pack. It comes to meeting the needs of those who need a smooth operation. While standing on the machine, users can still change the speed to one of the 20 options.

    Supports sitting

    There’s a comfortable platform built on the vibration plate. This means that it supports setting, and it can be a relaxing solution as a result. For many users, it manages to offer one of the most relaxing experiences when it comes to better overall health and fitness. Even sitting on the machine with a lower speed configuration is sufficient to boost relaxation after a long day.


    • Made with an attractive design
    • Supports sitting
    • Includes Bluetooth connectivity
    • Plays music from a USB drive


    • It only features 20 speeds

    Why we like it

    This aesthetic vibration plate would be a top solution for those who want to match it with the décor of their homes.

    10. Power Fit Whole-Body Vibration Exercise Platform – Best Vibration Plate for Relaxation

    Power Fit Whole Body Vibration Exercise Platform

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    With various vibration levels from walking to running, the exercise platform is made explicitly for better muscle toning. It supports a wide range of exercise and relaxing poses, such as simple stands at low vibration speeds. The platform can also be used for upper-body vibration exercises such as triceps extensions and push-ups.

    Included arm straps

    There are two straps included in the pack. A simple objective is to hold them under tension to see the benefits of the vibrations on the arms and the shoulders. Another essential aspect to consider is that it is made to look suitable for those looking to use it away from home.

    Multiple vibration levels

    There are three vibration levels to choose from. Running, jogging, and walking are the options to consider. With different levels of intensity, they are perfect for occasional workout variation. They can also be selected when the objective differs, as relaxation or muscle stimulation requires different vibration speeds.


    • Made with a modern design
    • Includes two armbands
    • It comes with three vibration levels
    • Included remote control


    • It could consist of variable tension straps

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do vibration plates last longer?

    They are ready for years with no maintenance. No oiling or motor dusting is needed to keep them in good shape for an extended period.

    How many programs do I need?

    A minimum of 12 programs seems to be the norm. Leading designs can offer up to 30 programs to choose from daily.

    Can vibration plates work on batteries?

    They need power just like any other electrical device. Currently, they don’t run on batteries, only on DC power.

    Is there a perfect location to place the vibration plate machines?

    Most machines are used in front of a TV. There is no secret when it comes to location. However, users need a flat surface to use the machine for safety reasons.

    Best Vibration Plates Buying Guide

    Buying the first vibration machine might not be as easy as many think. In multiple cases, users don’t even know which features they need and which they can skip. The most expensive machines are not always the best. A basic grasp of popular features can lead to better buying decisions.

    Features to look for in the best vibration plates

    All of them are made to last. Some of them can be used with a new program daily, which is responsible for better motivation for long-term use. Here are a few characteristics to consider when making a purchase.

    Speed adjustability

    Speed increments and adjustability can make the difference. This is why investing in the products that show the best results in increments is worth investing in. Ninety-nine speeds are the norm for the speed adjustability of the best machines. Design with fewer than 20-speeds should be a matter of concern, at least for valuable products.


    The way a vibration machine is controlled is crucial. Nobody wants to lose time constantly adjusting the machine. At the same time, there is no need to look towards too many buttons, as they can be intimidating and even frustrating. This is why the best designs include minimalistic remote controls. Speed and time under vibration are the most important feature to control.

    Added LED screens can make the controls even more helpful. For example, speed adjustments should be displayed on the screen for the best designs. Users should be able to tell the speed of vibration at all times. The duration of the workout is displayed in minutes. All users should be able to set a specific interval for each workout.


    Connectivity options are rising in popularity. USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi are the most popular solutions. Most users can find a suitable design from the start, especially when playing music directly from the smartphone. Connectivity options can also allow users to synchronize their exercises with the explanatory videos some manufacturers include via their smartphone apps.

    Best Vibration Plates Final considerations

    When choosing the best vibration plates, it is essential to consider the fitness objective behind the purchase. Some people only use these machines for relaxation purposes. Others use them to improve coordination. Since various exercises are available, such as squats, it’s no wonder coordination improves over time. On the other hand, people might also use them to improve bone density.

    Exercises such as push-ups can also be performed. However, most users will want a combination of these benefits and objectives for better fitness levels. Some of the best products of the moment are only made for those who want the best overall results. However, users must plan weekly workouts and make healthier nutrition choices for the best fitness levels and long-term sustainable health results. This is why all users should read their product’s instructions, as many manufacturers offer step-by-step guides & exercise charts for better fitness levels.

    Also, it is essential to keep yourself hydrated when performing daily exercises. Check out this guide on ten smart water bottles that track how much water you consume over a specific period.

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